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Wildlife themed, hand-made jewellery – created with LOVE for you, to raise awareness & funds for endangered species

Our beautiful handmade bracelets are a creation initiated by Christin Kotthoff, a nature conservationist, and realized by Maike Valcarcel, a well renowned award winning goldsmith in Cape Town.

Maike designs and produces your piece of jewellery with love and care. The bracelets are made in one size, adjustable for every wrist. Its materials have been thoughtfully chosen, and originate as far as possible from Africa: the sterling silver, the leather thong and the little gemstone.
  100 % of our profit
go to conservation NPO’s,
carefully selected by us*

Materials originate AFAP from Africa, to support local people:

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You might be familiar with the extensive poaching bringing the world’s rhino to the verge of extinction. Reason for this dramatic development is the increasing demand in Asia for rhino horn. However, the horn is just keratin, same like our nails. It has no medicinal value at all. READ MORE   You are surely aware of the elephant crisis. But do you know that the largest land animals on Earth face extinction? Elephants have roamed the wild for 15 million years.

A hundred years ago, there were about 10 million elephants in Africa. READ MORE
  We are a non-profit initiative creating wildlife themed jewellery ‘handmade and sourced in Africa’ to raise awareness about endangered species and funds for their conservation. READ MORE