team christin kothoffChristin Kotthoff
Christin is passionate about wildlife, conservation and travel. She was born and grew up in Germany, where she got a diploma in business administration and was working in corporate communications for international and national companies.  

A few years ago she moved to Cape Town. She started getting involved in raising global awareness for the plight of Africa’s endangered wildlife - the rhinos and elephants in particular -, mostly by using social media platforms, to inform and educate against the use of rhino horn and ivory. At present Christin travels extensively through Africa.

“Africa is such a beautiful continent with a great diversity of wildlife. Alas mainly due to escalating poaching and habitat loss, rhinos, elephants, lions and other wildlife may be gone within our lifetime. I cannot let that happen, can you? Isn’t it our all responsibility to help preserve these species and their habitat for future generations?

I was thinking of raising awareness also outside social media, and of raising funds, too, when I had the idea of beautiful, wildlife themed jewellery. Of course the materials should come as far as possible from Africa, since we want to support this continent. I then met Maike, an award winning goldsmith, well renowned for her out of the box contemporary designs. She was immediately interested, and also spontaneously willing to do this as a non-profit initiative. In a word: the perfect partner :-)!

Maike Valcarcel

Maike was born in Germany into a family of artists. Giving her creativity a direction she studied jewellery design and manufacture in Pforzheim and Heidelberg.
In 1993 she moved to South Africa to live and work in Johannesburg and later relocated to Cape Town.
Maike has a studio and workshop in Hout Bay/Cape Town, where she personally meets with her clients and designs and manufactures to their wishes. She also supplies galleries in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as participates in various exhibitions.