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rhino 1   rhino 2   rhino 2.
PRICE: R550.00 / Euro 35,00 / USD 40,00
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Our beautiful handmade bracelets are a creation initiated by Christin Kotthoff, a nature conservationist, and realized by Maike Valcarcel, a well renowned award winning goldsmith in Cape Town.

Maike designed and produced your piece of jewellery with love and care. The bracelet is made in one size, adjustable for every wrist. Its materials have been thoughtfully chosen, and originate as far as possible from Africa: the sterling silver, the leather thong and the little gemstone.

Garnet, turqouise, amethyst or peridot: all of them are powerful protective stones. They shall protect you, but also the rhinos, to which they are connected by the bracelet.

The rhino teaches you to be at ease with yourself. It stands for the ancient ‘axiom’ of mystery schools: ‘recognize yourself’.  Rhinos have lived on this earth for about 50 million years. They carry an unbelievable wealth of experience and wisdom. The rhino calls on you to trust your inner wisdom and to focus on your goal. It will accompany you on this path.

The rhino footprint is a tongue in cheek reminder to all of us to leave no trace on earth.

May the rhino be your protective companion from now on. May it make you smile each time you look at it and may you in return please send Africa’s beautiful rhino thoughts of hope and confidence.

For, unfortunately, rhinos are on the verge of extinction due to extensive poaching. Their plight is desperate and their future survival is dependent on our help and support. (Please also check ‘The Crisis – Rhinos’ and ‘How YOU can HELP rhinos.)

This is a completely non-profit initiative. We donate 100 % of our profit (currently 30 % of each rhino bracelet sale) to OSCAP (www.oscap.co.za). This NPO supports rhino orphanages, buys urgently needed rhino ambulances, provides rangers in the wild with important equipment such as bulletproof vests, binoculars, GPS units etc.

Africa presents us with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and a unique wildlife. With this bracelet we give back a bit to a continent that gives us so much. That is the least we can do.